What is Peak?

Peak is a wellness and sports monitoring tool like no other.

Our primary goal when developing this was to bring a professional level of sports monitoring to athletes of all skill levels and ability



Creating a succinct form of communication with real actionable data between the athlete, coach and therapist

Reduced Injury

Reducing injury risk by alerting all parties when an athlete may be in danger of injury or illness BEFORE it happens through our unique communications centre

Better Outcomes

Improving outcomes by knowing when an athlete is at their physical and mental best so sessions can be set to optimize these opportunities accordingly

Peak for the evolution of the athlete

We have made every effort to discard all that is boring about wellness monitoring and include everything that will make your athletic experience its absolute best.

What does Monitoring do?

  • Creates effective and succinct communication between athletes, coaches and therapists.
  • Mitigates injury and illness risk through observation of trends and changes.
  • Improves training outcomes by managing fatigue and power with greater precision.
  • It creates a better understanding of the individual training and recovery nuances of your athlete

Decision Making

  • Monitoring makes great programs better and bad programs less dangerous – Simplifaster
  • Daily monitoring creates a rhythm that allows for daily conscious decision making
  • Injuries happen…It is never that monitoring doesn’t work, its just that it can’t do everything. You don’t blame barbells for the hamstring injury
  • A training program can be boosted when the coach listens to the data – Simplifaster
  • An athlete’s balance in life goes beyond training, so wellness monitoring allows the coach to see what impact life stresses may be having on their athletes athletic development


  • Monitoring can give objective feedback which enables the coach to start a communication with the athlete and therapist
  • Monitoring can reduce the small talk between the athlete/coach/therapist so they can get to the issues quickly
  • When an athlete understands the process they will be more invested and more professional
  • A training program can be boosted when the coach listens to the data – Simplifaster
  • No monitoring system is perfect but it removes many layers of guesswork that can make every interaction more effective


  • Load monitoring and wellness monitoring are sometimes not congruent as the athletes perception is what guides wellness monitoring. However when used together, accurate programming decisions can be made that make a program more professional